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Predictions for the 89th Academy Awards

89th-academy-awards-posterIn a break from tradition, we consider the films nominated at the 89th Academy Awards (not just independent or auteurist films!) in this compilation of predictions.

For a number of main categories, we provide descriptions of each film nominated and our prediction. For the remaining categories, we provide our prediction with commentary. Alternatively, you can find a list of all our predictions on the final page.

We hope our guide will shine light on the nominated qualities recognized in these films or even assist in making your own predictions for the 89th Academy Awards, celebrated February 26th.

Best Picture- page 2
Best Director- page 3
Best Actor- page 4
Best Actress- page 5
Best Supporting Actor- page 6
Best Supporting Actress- page 7
Best Animated Feature Film- page 8
Best Foreign Language Film- page 9
Best Cinematography- page 10
Additional Categories- page 11
Predictions Summary- page 12

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