Our Critics

About Page PhotoAlex Sitaras– Creator, Editor-in-Chief & Critic

Originally a music critic, Alex began his work with film criticism after watching the films of Stanley Kubrick and Ingmar Bergman for the first time. From these films, Alex realized that there was much more artistry and depth to filmmaking than he had previously thought. His favorite contemporary directors include Michael Haneke, Yorgos Lanthimos, Paul Thomas Anderson, Richard Linklater, and Terrence Malick. His biggest film bucket-list item would be attending the Cannes Film Festival.

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Picture1Matt SchleeCritic

Matt was introduced to classic films and TV at a very early age. He was brought up on a steady diet of Abbott and Costello features and classic Twilight Zone episodes. Like many young people, his teenage years included falling in love with directors like Quentin Tarantino and Martin Scorsese, and thus being introduced to auteur sensibilities. Matt’s favorite classic directors include Krzysztof Kieslowski, Billy Wilder, Jacques Demy, and Kenji Mizoguchi. His favorite working directors include The Coen Brothers, Kelly Reichardt, and Jim Jarmusch.

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profileBen McDonald– Critic

An avid movie watcher his whole life, Ben began his journey into film critique in high school with a paper on the music in Stanley Kubrick films. Enrolling in university cinema study courses has only increased his passion to watch and analyze as many movies as possible. What continues to draw Ben to film is the power it holds to evoke such a wide spectrum of emotion and thought. His favorite films include The ConversationCome and See, Alien, and Whiplash, and his favorite contemporary directors are David Fincher, Paul Thomas Anderson, and Martin McDonagh.

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26793557_10157668997003973_1113341015_nIan Floodgate– Critic

After graduating university, Ian helped establish a film society within his hometown in England, enabling him to develop his love and passion for film in crafting the programming schedule. He has since moved into film criticism to express his thoughts on film to a wider audience. Ian admires the work of contemporary directors such as David Fincher, Nicolas Winding Refn, Woody Allen, Terrence Malick and Sam Mendes.

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391517_259667507476175_1000089134_nKevin Jones– Critic

Falling in love with cinema through a high school film class, Kevin furthered his knowledge of film through additional film classes in college. Learning about filmmaking through the films of Alfred Hitchcock, Wes Anderson, and Francis Ford Coppola, Kevin continues to learn more about new styles and eras of film in the pursuit of improving his knowledge of filmmaking throughout the years. His favorite all-time directors include Hitchcock and Robert Altman, while his favorite contemporary directors include Wes Anderson, Guillermo del Toro, and Darren Aronofsky.

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B&W senior photo (2)Dalton Mullins– Critic

Dalton first fell in love with film as an eighth grader, when he watched Citizen Kane for a class. After that, Dalton went head first into the world of cinema by watching as many films and reading as many books on film as possible. Now a senior in high school, Dalton hopes to transform his love of film into a career one day. Dalton’s favorite director of all time is Stanley Kubrick; however, his favorite contemporary directors include Terrence Malick, Richard Linklater, and Paul Thomas Anderson.

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